Warranty & Shipping Policies

All our products come with a 1 year warranty. If, under the warranty period, the product comes in need need of replacement, one-way shipment charges shall be beared by the customer. Failure on reporting of breakage within 48 hours will make all the claims for free replacement void and null.

We will be responsible to see the that the replacement part reaches to the customer, although we expect the customer to carry out the easy task of replacing the damaged him or herself

This especially stands in case of oversized objects. Since oversized objects can not be shipped back and forth, the replacements will be sent and the customer will be responsible of making the necessary replacements

If the sign is in need of repair, the product will be picked up by UPS/FedEx within 72 hours of issuing a damage call tag. The repaired product should be expected to return to you within 8-10 days.

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