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While our custom tool gives you a close to reality showing of how your sign will look like, we expect there to be minor changes in colouring and spacing due to browser rendering, and also variations depending on the device that is being used by the user. If not clear, please contact.

If you want it plain and simple, then Text Only designs are the perfect for you. Check out our stress-free ordering form and see how easy it is to order your custom led neon signs.

All you got to do is to choose the size that you want your custom led sign to be and choose from Black Lexan, Clear Acrylic, and White Lexan backing. You can then select the number of lines you want your signs to have. You can also choose to have one with boarder or none. You can also add Flashing, depending on your requirements. Then, please select whether you are going to use it outdoor since we will make the sign exactly on your specifications.

If you observe closely, the look of the custom led signage displayed below tend to vary depending on your given specification. By doing so, we are able to give you a clue of how the finish product of your custom led neon sign will look like. Please note however that while our custom tool gives you a close to reality clue of how your customizable led sign will look like, please expect that there might be minor discrepancies in coloring and spacing due to browser rendering and also the variations on the device you are using.

Here at Generate Neon Signs, we are proud to service US made customized led signs only. This means that we use thicker and brighter glass tubing that guarantees a reduction in breakage. Also, since these are made in US, then all our products have 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. In case of problems (though very rare and might not likely to happen), the customizable led signs can be shipped back to your factory for repairs. With all these guaranteed, now is the best time to order your led neon sign custom!